COVID-19: Prayers of the Church

**Check back to this page regularly to stay up to date on prayers and prayer requests from our Calvary church family and friends.**

Sofiya Inger; 2006

We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy. Daniel 9:18

Reopening Update: As businesses begin to reopen in Maryland and other states, Calvary’s leadership is following the news closely. Currently we DO NOT plan to have any public worship services until at least July 5th. CLICK HERE to learn more.


  • Margy H. shares a prayer request for good health and safety for all those living at Riderwood Senior Living where over 60 residents have contracted the coronavirus.
  • Nancy D. shared a prayer request on behalf of friend, David, whose mom recently passed of causes unrelated to COVID-19.
  • Courtney F. requests prayers for Son, Miles, who is discouraged at missing many Senior Year activities because of COVID-19.
  • Helmer and LeAnne J. request prayers for healing as LeAnne recently had surgery to repair a broken leg. They also give thanks as LeAnne is now home recovering and reunited with Helmer after time in rehab.
  • Joan C. requests prayers for family members working essential jobs that they would stay safe as they do their work.
  • Maggie A. requests prayers for her son, and all others who are dealing with heightened anxiety during this time of uncertainty.
  • Alice M. requests prayers good health for son Mark who was exposed to the virus at work, and for fellow Co-workers who were also exposed. Additionally, Alice request prayers for those places in the world facing food shortages, and especially East Asia which is dealing with swarms of locusts which destroy crops.
  • Patricia P. requests prayers of thanksgiving as Vernon is now home and they are able to be together after time in quarantine.
  • Pastor Mike requests prayers for family members who are are healthcare professionals and at risk for being exposed to COVID-19; cousin, Robert and his girlfriend Chanel, and father, Randy, who all work in at risk hospital settings.
  • Claire M. requests prayers of comfort for Cindi U. (a former Calvary teacher and youth leader) on the death of her husband John from Covid-19 after several weeks on a ventilator.
  • Vita S. request prayers for family & friends with health concerns, Dan, Gloria, Egons, Anda, Dzidra and Harold.
  • Beverly H. request prayers for her grandson Jonas, for his safety, prayers for her granddaughter, Leah who is who is recovering from COVID-19.
  • RoseMarie C. requests prayers for her for sister in Minnesota whose Grandson Bronea has been diagnosed with the illness.
  • Karen M. requests prayers for a friend, Dorothy, a healthcare professional who is now treating COVID patients in Boston.

General Prayer Requests

  • For those who are ill at home suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, and for those who are hospitalized.
  • For the family and friends of those who had died from this illness.
  • For all the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals working to treat patients and who are themselves in harms way.
  • For first responders, food service providers, farmers, and all others who continue working to get essential items and food to households across our country.
  • For kids who experiencing loneliness and interrupted schedules during this time. Especially for those children who may not have access to technology to stay connected, and for those in difficult circumstances.
  • For our leaders making decisions to keep us safe and seeking the best ways to treat this illness, maintain economic stability, and meet various needs throughout our communities.
  • For those who have lost jobs or wages as a result of the economic uncertainty we now face.