Sermons and Worship Audio

This page contains sermon audio from Calvary Sunday services, along with selected service music. You can find a listing of all audio files from Calvary Sunday Services HERE.

Worship Service 11.5.17

Sermon “Faith – Family – Future Pt. 1”

The work we do matters. Whether it is pulling weeds in a garden, cooking dinner for your family, or running a business, all work is God given and a reflection of the work God himself has done in creating this world. With this in mind, work becomes not just about doing a job or earning a paycheck, but is a way in which we become the very hands of God at work in this world to sustain creation and bless other people.

Postlude by the Hot Horns
“Saints, Hallelujah”

Worship Service 3.26.17

Sermon “The Sacrament of the Altar”
Pastor Mike Middaugh

Worship Service 3.19.17

Sermon “How Can Water Do Such Great Things”
Pastor Mike Middaugh

by Patrick Kabanda

Worship Service 3.12.17

Sermon “You Shall Have No Other Gods”
Pastor Mike Middaugh

Worship Service 3.5.17

Sermon “Let Us Then Confess Our Sins”
Pastor Mike Middaugh