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Project Overview

For five years we have been in conversation about what it means for Calvary to enter a new era of ministry, mission, and service to our community. Over this time, and after many conversations we have developed a plan that we believe is a God given vision of our future. But to accomplish these goals, we must go ALL IN now.

As adopted in 2015, our plan for the future includes:
• Growing a congregation of disciples and involving every person in the life of the Church
• Serving as an incubator of new ministries and initiatives
• Caring for the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of those in our community
• Focusing on ministry for Children, Young Adults, and Families.
• Creating an atmosphere for worship and fellowship that is welcoming and caring

To accomplish these goals we must also care for our facility. The most modern portions of our building, including the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were completed in 1962. Since then, there have been no major improvements to our space. The time is now to modernize and improve our facility to serve this ministry work for years to come.

Our goal for the ALL IN Campaign is to raise $750,000. We believe this goal is challenging but achievable. It will take all of us to get there. This money, plus what we have in savings, will allow us to commit to a scope of work we believe to be the best use of our resources.

Renovations and Improvements Scope

We have been working with our architects, Miche Booze, to develop a scope of work. The plans below indicate POSSIBLE changes to our building. They DO NOT indicate that we are committed to all of these changes.

The highest priorities for our improvements revolve around ADA compliance and accessibility needs. This aspect of construction would include an elevator, modern ADA compliant restrooms, and a reconfigured narthex area to allow the space needed for the elevator and restrooms. This work impacts the upper and lower levels.

Upper Level Improvements

Lower Level Improvements


Additional priority improvements include a modern and efficient heating system, up-to-date electrical panels and wiring, energy efficient windows throughout, new doors and entryways, and the possibility of a covered accessible driveway in the rear of the building.

Upper Level Narthex / Foyer Area

Other possible improvements could include an enlarged narthex/foyer area on the main floor, renovation and modernization of our kitchen, fit and finish improvements in the school wing of the building, and the possibility of additional classroom space in a separate school building annex.

Upper Level School / Office Area

On April 15th, members of the Calvary community, friends of the congregation, and alumni of the school will be invited to make their commitments to this campaign. Many will choose to make a pledge to give a total amount over a three-year period. Others may choose to make a one-time gift. We invite you to go ALL IN with us now, because we know it will take all of us to achieve our goal.

What’s Next?

Upon the completion of the ALL IN Campaign, once pledges and gifts are tallied, we will prayerfully enter a time of decision making and discernment to select the scope of work that seems most beneficial in light of our resources. Over the course of several months, April – June 2018, Town-Hall Meetings will be held, and Calvary members will be invited to weigh in on this decision. Trusting God to help us, we believe we will be able to identify a solid, significant plan of action for this building project that will benefit our ministry now, and the many people who use this space for years to come.

ALL IN           FAQ           THE PLAN            RESOURCES            GO ALL IN (GIVE)