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In 1941 a small group of families had a dream of starting a new church in the growing neighborhood of Montgomery Hills. They believed God had plans for them and for his church. After several years worshiping in a Georgia Avenue storefront, they built Calvary’s Chapel, then they opened a school to serve families in the community, and finally, in 1962, they built the mid-century modern Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall still in use today.

Over the years this small group of people grew. They helped start other churches, schools, and community organizations. Now, these many years later, thousands of people have been touched by the ministry of Calvary Lutheran Church. Many lives have been changed, but once again, it is time for us to ask, what’s next?


ALL IN is a campaign to enhance our ability to welcome and serve our community.


Just like those who came before us, God has given us a dream about the future. We envision:

-a thriving church body well equipped to care for the needs of families and children,

-greater opportunities to start new ministry initiatives while serving as an incubator for mission activities,

-strong relationships with new ministry partners who share our space.



We believe God has big plans for us, and desires for us to find even greater ways to serve our community. To do that, we must care for our building now, updating critical systems and modernizing to current ADA standards. These and other improvements will create space that is attractive, efficient, safe, and accessible for all, furthering our ability to change lives with God’s love.


ALL IN is about all of us, going all-in now, so that together, we might pursue God’s mission for the future of his church.


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