Concerts and Recitals

Calvary Lutheran Church is a popular venue for concerts, recitals, and music workshops.

Usually the word “masterpiece” refers to paintings and art objects; however, it can also be used to describe our piano. During the summer of 2000, Calvary acquired a Steinway Model C concert grand, built in 1908 and restored to its original magnificence by Mr. Don Junker. This piano model is only built in Hamburg, Germany, but the 1908 model was hand-built in New York, using materials which are no longer available, making it superior in many ways to any being currently manufactured. The sound and tonal properties (power, beauty, and subtlety) of this particular instrument are remarkable. Word spread throughout the music communities, and the church is pleased to host a mix of the area’s finest amateur and professional musicians. Added offerings are a beautiful sanctuary, wonderful acoustics, and a convenient location (near the Forest Glen Metro station and on Georgia Avenue and the Beltway). Informal receptions are commonplace following the musical events.

A building-use donation is asked for anyone who would like to use our space. This supports the operating budget of the church. To schedule a performance at Calvary, please contact the church office administrator, Cyndi Carr at 301-589-4001 x 204.

Our 1908 Steinway and Sons’ concert grand piano.

Our sanctuary, which is a popular venue for concerts, recitals, and performances, weddings and funerals. Seating: approx. 250 people.