At Calvary, we want our kids to get just as much from their church experience as adults. Part of that means teaching to their unique level so that they might grasp their faith as their own. In our teaching, we want them to have a full and confident understanding of the character of a God who loves them and gave his son to forgive, teaching us to forgive as well.


KidsChurch (10:00am)

We believe it is important for families to worship together, but also know that kids learn better at their own level. For this reason we start and end our worship services with kids and parents in the sanctuary together. About 10 minutes into the worship service children are invited forward for the “children’s time” with Pastor Mike. They are then led to classrooms where they can learn with other kids their age. Towards the end of the main worship service, kids return to the sanctuary so they can finish worshiping with their families.

Fifth Sundays Family Service

Every time a fifth Sunday pops up on the calendar we take the opportunity to get our kids and families more involved in the service. Kids take turns greeting, ushering, and reading from Scripture, and often have prepared a song to sing together in the service. The message for these fifth Sundays is presented at a level appropriate for all ages.

Special Events

We hold special family friendly events on a regular basis. These may be outdoor celebration days with a bounce house, or a get together at a local pool, or someone’s home. During these special events, kids and their parents have time to get to know each other and enjoy the fellowship that is so important for a congregation. From time to time we also organize service projects or events where kids and their families can learn to serve others as a group.


We have a number of recommended resources for kids and their families. These include children’s Bibles and instruction in what we believe. One great teaching resource for children, that we give to all of our baptism families is The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name.

If you are interested in finding other resources please speak with Pastor Mike or send us an email on the Contact Us page.